YouTube Party: Muppet Edition


This cartoon made me feel a wee bit guilty as I recognised my annoying self.

As Angela said recently on Facebook, we don’t tend to do dvds with SBJ, but we do do YouTube sometimes, particularly in moments of desperation (read: teething hysteria at 3am). Recommendations of awesome clips are therefore welcome.

If you’re interested in kid-friendly (though the criterion is really whether I find them hilarious on high rotate) YouTube clips, you can watch these at your leisure, rather than with me staring at you over the top of the screen, willing you to love them as I love them.

First up, five clips starring Muppets. All of these ones are recent, rather than from our own childhoods. Behind the scenes of the latest movie, a bit of Sesame Street, and a couple of the clips the Muppets have been putting on YouTube lately.

#1 Yes, that’s a New Zealander singing with Kermit!

The marvellous Bret McKenzie got an Oscar for another of his songs for the recent Muppet movie, but I like this happy happy one even better.

#2 It’s Time for Celebrity Lullabies!

Elmo, dubiously: ‘Is Mr Ricky Gervais a celebrity?’
Ricky Gervais, defensively: ‘Of course I am! Would Celebrity Lullabies hire me if I wasn’t a celebrity?’
Elmo: ‘Well, Elmo’s not sure!’

#3: Bohemian Rhapsody

The Muppets are doing a bunch of especially-for-YouTube clips these days. Huzzah!

Look out for Animal’s version of the ‘Mama, just killed a man’ section (his lyrics are way cooler) and the brilliant finish.

#4 Feist is on Sesame Street!

1, 2, 3, 4, tell me how you love Feist! Slightly out of sync, but supercute nevertheless.

#5: Swedish Popcorn (if you’re brave enough)

The Swedish Chef is a trained professional.
(sort of)

Inspired by this clip, my husband and his sister spent the three weeks of her visit to New Zealand speaking to each other in Swedish Chef.

You have been warned. Twice.

Right. What else? Just Muppet-based recommendations today, please, and we’ll do some other hilarity another day.

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0 comments on “YouTube Party: Muppet Edition”

  1. Caroline Reply

    Has to be Count Von Count doing the Batty Bat. Brilliant…..ah,ah,ah! Hope the link works.

  2. Steph Reply

    This was our boy’s favourite for a long time. In fact when he could first talk, the muppets were known as “manah manah” for a long time.

    How did people parent in the past without YouTube??!!

    • Angela Reply

      Yes Kent and I did many a fine duet-rendition of this when changing R’s nappy together. It was an absolute fave.

  3. kat Reply
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