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I pretty much hated high school, and left as soon as I could.

There were some excellent teachers, some good friends, and I enjoyed every minute I spent in the music department (except playing the double bass very badly in the orchestra – the only time I found that not practising produced stress).

But when I’m run down, I still have nightmares about school. Usually I’ve been recalled to do seventh form and I have to spend a year imprisoned with other restless teenagers in uniform, being berated about wearing the wrong kind of ankle socks.

I wish, wish, wish, I could have done it this way.

Many thanks to the wonderful bluemilk for posting this.

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  1. Tim Bulkeley Reply

    I hated school. I left after fifth form. I wonder how students cope with normal school after a semester of this sort of interesting alternative. (Maybe the video said, I gave up after several minutes of sales pitch, and found the project website and the PDF that describes it.) I’d love to see something like this replace school. The only parts of my formal education I enjoyed for themselves were Oxford (with its weekly tutorial based on an essay you’d written, with classes as optional extras) and my PhD. It’s ironic that I ended up teaching classes, and sad that we did not find something like this for (at least some of) our children. (Some enjoyed and benefitted from school.)

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