Soundtrack to Motherhood

Which one makes you cry?

I saw this slightly mushy video a year ago, when I was pregnant, and was in floods of tears (possibly hormonal). It has mothers holding cards giving advice to their younger selves.

I’m planning a blog series based on one of these cards. Before I start it, I’d be interested to hear which cards resonate most with you, and which you’d be interested in talking more about. You don’t have to be a mother to comment.

You could also tell us what advice you’d give your younger self. But give me a chance to get the tissues, first.

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  1. Frank Reply

    For me it would be the “It’s okay to want a break”, although I’d change it to “It’s okay to take a break”. I’ve never been one of those people who wants to be with my baby 24/7 and I had to remind myself that it was okay to leave him with others who he loves, and then he’d have a better version of me when I came back!

  2. Tracey Reply

    I would add one too… Nothing will be the same in a year, a month or even a week. When you are on your fourth or fifth or sixth (or more!) night in a row of broken, or no, sleep, it is almost impossible to see it getting better – but it does! Everything changes, nothing stays the same.

  3. Alex Reply

    I agree with and would echo what both Frank and Tracey say.
    If I were to add one, it would probably be along the lines of “don’t expect yourself to treasure *every* moment – it’s just not practical” – I think Judith may have once pointed me to a blog post on a subject like that, and it really resonated.
    Oh, and because I’m rubbish at narrowing things down to just one, I’d also have to say “you know more than you think you do” – I am absolutely sure my younger self would pooh pooh such a remark, but I have the benefit of hindsight so can tell her to be quiet! I do remember getting a lot of the “trust your instincts”, “you’re the expert” sort of comments at the time, and they utterly freaked me out because I felt so ill prepared, and so inadequate. So, even though I wouldn’t believe myself, I probably ought to pop back and let her know she’ll muddle through ok 😉

  4. Caroline Reply

    I agree with all the wise words above. Particularly “trust your instincts” – instincts are very powerful things, I think.
    I would add “If it’s not a problem for you, then it’s not a problem”. Don’t worry about it when people say your baby SHOULD be sleeping though the night or SHOULD be napping in their own in their cot rather than on you – if it’s not a problem for you, then it’s not a problem that needs to be solved.
    Also, “it’s a phase” – whatever they are currently doing that’s less than ideal, it will pass. Still a phrase in constant use at my house.

  5. Georgie Reply

    Nothing can prepare you for parenthood – but thats OK, you will figure it out. One day at a time. The first 12 weeks are the hardest. Forget the housework. Listen to all the advice, welcome or not, then do what feels right to you anyway.

  6. Anna Reply

    “She will have your eyes” made me cry (as a non-“mom” wanting to be one!)

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