Two Minutes

Ok, this is a-mazing.

These days she works at a fancy business school as a social scientist, but Amy Cuddy knows what it’s like to feel incompetent, to feel like an imposter.

Watch this TED talk for her science and her story.

This video has everything:

  • it leads you through exciting, easy-to-understand science;
  • you can apply the findings to your own world in just two minutes;
  • it’ll make you cry.

And it’s not just for the average middle-class-well-educated TED talk viewers.  Share this easy tip with everyone you know, ok? Amy Cuddy says at the end:

[T]he people who can use it the most are the ones with no resources, and no technology, and no status, and no power… They need their bodies, privacy and two minutes, and it can significantly change the outcomes of their lives.

If you ever feel like an imposter, if you could do with a confidence boost, if you need your stress levels to simmer down, or if you just love cool science, spend the next twenty minutes watching this video. You’ll just be surfing blogs otherwise, right?

What do you think? And if you’ve got a favourite TED talk (or something similar) share it in the comments, please!

Amy Cuddy - PopTech 2011 - Camden Maine USA

Amy Cuddy – PopTech 2011 – Camden Maine USA (Photo credit: poptech)

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0 comments on “Two Minutes”

  1. Caroline Reply

    That’s a great talk. Funnily enough, my Grandma always used to tell me that, in a situation where you’re not feeling confident, you should lift your chin a bit to give you a confidence boost. It works really well. Fake it until you become it!

  2. jaydub Reply

    Thanks – great TED talk – I’m going to have to try this out now!

    This reminded me of two similar but different tips. If you can, do something positive shortly before any interview, sales call or other negotiation, to move another of your opportunities forward – this could be calling someone back, making another appointment, making another job application or sending an e-mail etc. I have found this can massively boost confidence and change your frame of mind positively. Besides in these situations potential alternatives you can develop are valuable anyway.

    Regarding public speaking one of the few tips I remember was being told to walk onto the floor as if you belong there when giving a talk to help get you in the right mindset.

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  4. Miriam J. Reply

    Hey you. Yep, made me cry. Start teaching Tuesday, will be faking it wonderwoman style all week!

    • not a wild hera Reply

      You mean you’ll be BECOMING it all week! You have ARRIVED, Miriam!

      Have a wonderful week getting used to being a super flash Old Testament lecturer with a brand new PhD and everything. You are amazing!

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