YouTube Party: Nature Edition


Meerkat (Photo credit: paddynapper)

If there are days when you need a wee moment of hilarity or transcendence to break the deadline/teething/flumpy/grumpy/toilet-training/missed-the-bus circuit, read on.

Our last YouTube Party post was a great success, thanks! Muppet clips, new and old, tucked away for a gale-force wind day.

Today we go back to nature. The kind of nature where you have broadband.

I’m not a true authority on cute animal clips, so there’s plenty of room for your recommendations in the comments.

But here are my two favourite nature doco videos plus an extra dose of silliness from the BBC.

Add your faves below to share the love.


Murmurationis a short film (two minutes) showing thousands of starlings basically doing synchronised swimming, but way cooler and no need for nose-pegs.

If your heart is working ok, it should do a wee somersault at least once.


The Australian lyrebird male imitates other birds, and well, anything it hears, in order to have the sexiest song for the ladies.

If it weren’t David Attenborough commentating, I wouldn’t believe this were real.


This is just silly, so sorry in advance. But if you don’t snort quietly with laughter at one of the sketches, you’ll get your money back.

And now over to you: nature in all its glory, in convenient, short-attention-span packages for our viewing pleasure?

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