Look Up!

Looking Up in Bath

Looking up can lift you out of the world you’re inhabiting; it can give you a new perspective on a determined spiral of thoughts.

Autumn is closing in fast in the North. In the South, the last school term has just begun. All around the world, we could do with a pick me up.

Better than that: Look Up!

The wonderfully thoughtful Amy Austin, quoted above, is inspiring a Look Up! movement that now includes Michael’s Up Perspective tumblr to which you can contribute.

Have a look at the Archive page for a mosaic of Upness right now, if you’re a little mired or foggy or cold or worried or even flumpy.

And then when you’re next outside, Look Up!

Maybe even take a photo of what you see. Send it to Michael. This could be the most enjoyable, easy (only?!) spiritual practice you adopt this year.

Looking Up in Marylebone

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