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Oops. I bought shampoo and conditioner today.

Normally it’s an oops if I forget to get more in time – frequently – and spend a few days eking out a dwindling supply, only ever remembering the need to restock when I’m actually in the shower.

But it’s oops today because I have been meaning and meaning and meaning to begin different (cheaper, more eco, fewer chemicals, etc) ways of dealing with my hair. Last week I got an extra kickstart from the marvellous Lulastic (above) and her research on a few alternatives. I really thought I could get going on it now.

I know that it will only take a day – or half an hour, probably – to get my head around it, and a few days to get into a new routine, and then I’ll spend the next twenty years scoffing at anyone spending $7.29 or whatever Pantene costs by then when they could be doing what I do. Or will do. One day.

But today is not that day. Because today I ponied up the $7.29. Times two.

Here’s why, fundamentally.

There’s lots I want to change about myself and my life. But I’ve learned, as you might have, that lasting change comes in steps. One step at a time. And I don’t have the energy this week to take the next eco step.

Descent of Holy Spirit on Apostles, Kolbneva Irina; original for sale at www.arthit.ru

If God showed me tonight, in colour photo detail, all 683,946 things that still need work in order to perfect my lovely self, I would first have a heart attack, and then die of exhaustion at the mere thought of how far I have to go.

Over the years I’ve spent listening to the Holy Spirit, God has indeed revealed double or triple figures (I haven’t made a numbered list) to me, but kindly also sent a New Testament with the bits about love and grace underlined.

And sanctification. That’s one of my faves. The idea that while something absolute and life-changing happens when we begin to follow Jesus Christ, there’s also gradual transformation.

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. Har!

So I’m going to cut myself a bit of slack on the shampoo thing, until it makes it back into the top three or so. I’m going to concentrate on the things that seem to the Holy Spirit and to me to be God’s priorities for me, right now, in this season. And I’m not even going to think about the remaining 683,943.

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  1. Rochelle Reply

    And also, I’ve tried * a lot * of eco shampoos and conditioners (and some of them are darned expensive!) and, well, the conditioner, especially, just doesn’t work that well. Also still haven’t found what I’m looking for on this one.

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