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In other news, my tiny tiger turns ONE in a few weeks. Eek! Or, I mean, ROAR!

Sixty is a nice round number. This is my sixtieth post on Sacraparental, and I feel pretty good about that.

Addicted as I am to my blog statistics page (something measurable!), it occurred to me tonight that I could use the stats to mark the occasion. How about a wee list of the ten most ‘popular’ posts? Love a good list!

So, here they are. WordPress counts pageviews, so this list is the ten posts that have been most visited, though I don’t know by whom or by how many individual people, if you see what I mean.

You might like to catch up on any you’ve missed, see what comments and conversations followed the posts, or use the share buttons to pass something on to a friend. I’ll be out of blog range for a couple of days (on an out-of-town adventure with SBJ – wish me luck!), so take your time.

Oh, and a special plea: how about you take on the challenge in #2? Go on, I bet you are brilliant and amazing.

  1. How It Is #1
  2. I Am Brilliant and Amazing
  3. How It Is #2
  4. Single #1
  5. Four Things I Don’t Have Time For
  6. Why the Judge was Wrong
  7. How It Is #4: On A Bad Day
  8. (some of) What I don’t know
  9. How It Is #5: A Stranger In My Head
  10. Superhero #1

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    • Caroline Reply

      Yes – is it really sixty already? That’s great! I’m enjoying reading them – very thought-provoking. Keep going!

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