Sacraparental Top Ten (per cent)

I'm sure you can make up your own caption that explains how this picture of SBJ at the beach relates to this post. Go on.

I’m sure you can make up your own caption that explains how this picture of SBJ at the beach relates to this post. Go on.

I haven’t received a telegram, so I can only conclude that the Queen thinks it’s easier to live to 100 years old than to publish 100 blog posts. I won’t hold it against her, I’m too busy celebrating!

Thank you, dear conversation partners! Sacraparental is one of my favourite things, thanks to you.

I love the range of views you express and represent, the kind and sensitive way you speak to each other, your wit, wisdom and winsomeness, and the way many of us are doing some serious learning through these threads.

I am brilliant and amazing and making room for important conversation (and then letting you do the hard work by posting all your clever thoughts). You are brilliant and amazing to be joining in. Thank you.

Data junkies among you might be interested in some extra stats before we get to the top ten most viewed posts.

In the five months I’ve been doing this, people in 68 countries have stopped by, including folks from Nicaragua, the Maldives, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and one lone surfer from Saudi Arabia. The countries that have provided most visits, though, are:

  1. New Zealand (about half of all views)
  2. United Kingdom (about a third of all views)
  3. United States
  4. United Arab Emirates
  5. Australia
  6. Germany
  7. Canada
  8. Thailand
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Singapore

I can’t say that’s what I would have predicted, exactly. Feel free to introduce yourself and identify your location if you are a regular reader but don’t comment much or at all!

Of people who get to Sacraparental by clicking a link somewhere (rather than just typing in the address), the vast majority come via Facebook (about 80 per cent). A bunch more come through Pinterest and about a dozen particular blogs and sites that have linked here. But some came by googling all sorts of unexpected search terms. Like:

  • ‘feral hera markings’ (2!) presumably sucked in by the anagram
  • ‘toddlers wearing nappies poo’ (2) I don’t think I said ‘poo’ even once in the article on nappies!
  • water piping‘ (3) 
  • ‘baby up stair’ (2) go SBJ!
  • ‘amy cuddy is hot’ not the most cerebral response to this great TED talk on neurology and social advancement
  • ‘every day i need someone said how brilliant i am’ [sic] (1) and ‘how to find out am brilliant’ (1) well, you’ve come to the right place!
  • ‘jody kilpatrick skiatook dancing’ (1) if anyone can explain this, please leave a comment…

And here are the top ten most viewed posts on Sacraparental:

  1. How It Is #1
  2. I Am Brilliant and Amazing
  3. How It Is #2
  4. Single #1
  5. Four Things I Don’t Have Time For
  6. Would You Buy a Suit from this Man?
  7. Why the Judge was Wrong
  8. Magic Words #1 Be Thoughtful about that Sheer Drop
  9. How It Is #4: On A Bad Day
  10. How It Is #5: A Stranger In My Head

I’d be very interested to hear if your favourite is something else.

One hundred posts, 555 comments, 91 categories, 669 tags and a bunch of new friendships. It’s been a good century (Or, um, five months. Yes, I’m aware I’m making quite a meal out of this!)

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0 comments on “Sacraparental Top Ten (per cent)”

  1. Spaghetti Reply

    Wahoo! Congratulations!! You are definitely Brilliant and Amazing and incredibly INteresting as well! (and I’m impressed that the UAE made #4 on the comments list – go J & M!)

  2. Alex Reply

    That’s a pretty awesome list of google search terms… I wonder how long they stuck around for after searching for “feral hera markings” – am sorely tempted to google that myself and see what else turns up! 😉

  3. andrew Reply

    it’s a great blog. a good mix of topics covered.
    You might not get a letter from QE2, but maybe a tweet from Harry?

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  5. Hannah Reply

    I think I’m responsible for Germany being number 6 on your list! I came across your blog from reading my husband Jeremy’s Facebook feed over his shoulder one evening. Since then, I’ve been checking in every week or so, to see what you’ve been writing about. I particularly loved the art in Advent series, and I also found the series about post-natal depression to be very honest and thought-provoking.

    We’ve been quite isolated and homesick since we moved here, and reading cheerful, thoughtful blogs (in English!) is one way I’ve found that helps me not feel so alone. So, in that spirit, I thought I’d say hello and let you know that your blog is ministering to more people than you realise!

    • not a wild hera Reply

      Welcome, Hannah!

      Thanks so much for your kind words and your steady presence here. Please do feel free to join in the conversation – though it may seem like most of us know each other offline, I don’t know all the commenters and they don’t all know each other, or didn’t a year ago.

      Sorry to hear life in Germany has had its challenges. It can be so hard to break into a new place and find kindred spirits, even without culture shock and language barriers. All the very best with finding a place there.

      It’s lovely to ‘meet’ you. Stick around!

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