A Generous Lent

The wheel, the codex, the ice-cream. These are among the things so awesome they need not be re-invented.

Also, a 40-day Lent plan for 2013. It turns out Stewardship UK are putting on a thoughtful, well-designed, user-friendly Lent practice called 40 acts. I’m inviting you to join me in joining them.

40 acts of generosity, one for each day of Lent (not including Sundays), with a different theme each week. No need to dive in and aim for every day, if that seems a bit steep. You could decide by yourself or as a household to pick one thing per week, perhaps, and work on it together.

They’re not all about money. The headline act, for day 31, is ‘listen.’ On day 25 the challenge is to share a joke with someone. The invitation is to practise generosity with all parts of our lives: money, time, energy, hospitality, patience, kindness. Who could argue with that?

I like 40 acts for a few reasons. It’ll helpful for me to inhabit generosity in a bunch of different ways, look at it from different angles, let it seep into each part of my life.

It’s manageable. It’s one specific part of my character to consider and exercise over six weeks. I should be a lot fitter by Easter, but not exhausted.

The resources are excellent, from what I’ve seen so far. They’re going to email me daily reflections, and the kids’ resources look really great if you have school-ish aged kids in your life to do this with.

So I’m going to blog through 40 acts of generosity (or a few of them, at least!) throughout Lent, and I’d love you to come with me.

One last reason I’ve chosen this for blogging, not just for doing personally: I think this could be enriching and appropriate for the wide range of people who meet here. Just as some of you who aren’t very churchy get right into Advent and Christmas, there’s no reason Lent needs to be the preserve of practising Christians. Especially if it’s not about giving stuff up this year!

It’s always nice to have a project. If you and whoever you live with or belong with would enjoy having a six-week focus on generosity, complete with downloads, emails, blogging and social media (any or all or none of those is fine), then join in.

Head to 40 acts to sign up, or just drop a comment in below to let us know you’re interested. Or if you’re doing something else for Lent, it’d be great to hear what.

Ten days till Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, 13 February. Give it some thought, eh?

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0 comments on “A Generous Lent”

  1. Rochelle Reply

    What a darn fine idea, TKR! I’m in(ish). The chances of me doing all 40 are… nil but I love the idea and I’m certainly with you in spirit if not entirely in flesh!

    • not a wild hera Reply

      I’m aiming for maybe six πŸ™‚ I’m already thinking about things more just from doing the preliminary research, so I take that as a good sign.

      I think having a daily reflection from them to read – whether I act on it that day or not – will only be a good thing.

      But I am SOOOOO not going to beat myself up about this. It’s all a bonus as far as I’m concerned πŸ™‚

  2. Caroline Reply

    It’s a great idea – I look forward to hearing how you go!

    I read as far as “take a packet of jelly babies on your daily commute and hand them out on the train” and decided it just wasn’t going to happen. I’d love to see the reaction if someone did that – everyone would assume they were poisoned or something – a sad reflection of commuting in London. Mind you, we’ve had cause to think a lot about generosity this week – mostly of the financial kind – & have been very challenged to think about what we can really afford to give away and where our priorities should lie.

    I came across this today & thought it looked great – there are also some great resources to use with children – might also be worth a look over Lent in addition to Thalia’s suggestion:

  3. andrew Reply

    imagine that. a 40 ____ of _____ that doesn’t come from rick warren. i thought we’d never see the day πŸ™‚

  4. Anna S Reply

    My home group are starting this tonight, using the small group resources provided. Not sure how it’ll all pan out, but I’m excited by the challenge πŸ™‚

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