Pancake Party Planning Update

=Well, yesterday I was all talk. Today I’m all action! I am brilliant and amazing.

I went and chatted to one of our friends on the catering staff downstairs about when people’s shifts begin and end, and it turns out that an afternoon tea slot will probably be better for more of the staff than later on. 

We’ll still invite our neighbours, but presumably most of them won’t be around on a Tuesday afternoon. Perhaps the invitation alone (with a picture of James, and our names on it) will break the ice for further encounters.

Now, brace yourself. I have not only designed but printed a stack of the invitations you see above, for 29 cents each. Brilliant and amazing, I tell you.

I’ve addressed the invitations to all the staff we know by name, and will leave a bunch of unaddressed ones with someone for the staff room. I’m considering putting one on the foyer noticeboard to catch people in the rest of the building who would be brave enough to come up, but I don’t expect great uptake from residents. I will report back, though!

I really liked Lois’ apartment stories of taking pancakes to the staff downstairs and having a table in the corridor! We don’t have much foot traffic up here, but we’ll definitely go visiting the downstairs, and if I’m full of energy, maybe even ride the lift with a stack of pancakes for half an hour! SBJ will enjoy pressing the buttons repeatedly at the very least.

Oh, I have a great idea! It has come to me, mid-post.

I didn’t know I could make these invitations. It turns out Picasa has a text-edit function, so it only took minutes to do once I realised.

If you are thinking of doing a Pancake Party for your neighbours, and invitations seem like too much hard work right now, I will make your invitations! How’s that for an offer?

DSC02647Just send me a picture of you/your kids/your flatmates/your house if you want to (or I’ll just do a picture of pancakes or something otherwise), and the details for the text, and I’ll send it back. Couldn’t be easier.

Email to sacraparental [at] gmail [dot] com. That’s just a normal gmail address – I’ve written it weirdly to fool the spambots trawling the internet for addresses.

Well, that’s exciting. For me at least.

I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Spaghetti Reply

    This is a fabulous idea! Especially love the idea of riding up and down the lift with plate of pancakes 🙂 If I didn’t work down the opposite end of town, I’d consider gate-crashing… Go TKR! (and honestly, NO one will be able to resist SBJ xx)

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