A Mighty Girl Photo Shoot

Oh to be in England, now that it’s snowing in New Zealand. Oh hold on, we are!

We have just arrived in Somerset for a spell with our family here. The last few weeks have included packing the house, moving our stuff into storage, marshalling help from many kind people in doing the above, travelling for 25 hours to the United Arab Emirates for a lovely long weekend with friends, then on to the United Kingdom.

It may be a while yet before blogging gets to the top of the priority list, but in the meantime, here’s a link to a fantastic photography project by Jaime C Moore, a mother who wants her daughter to imbibe the role modelling of mighty women like Marie Curie and Sojourner Truth.

Below is her daughter posed as Helen Keller. See her site for more fantastic shots.


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  1. Rochelle Reply

    Yes! Isn’t it just a glorious project! Hope life in the UK is fab 🙂

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