Give Local Gifts this Christmas [Guest]

Please meet the wonderful Laura Giddey! We studied together at Carey Baptist College and it is my great pleasure to introduce her first guest post. Welcome, Laura!Laura Giddey, buy local, Christmas gifts

Laura Giddey is 25 with skills in brownie making and head massages. She is finishing up a stint as a youth pastor to attempt an experimental year as a wedding celebrant, community work volunteer, and (hopefully) book shop assistant.

I try to think carefully about most decisions I make.

I say most, because regular chocolate intake doesn’t require much thinking. But in terms of spending, consuming, buying, and giving, I try to think beyond my needs and wants right now. I try to support friends and their endeavours and move my money away from big businesses.

This Christmas I thought I’d compile a list of some local businesses to support to help us as we buy for our loved ones. We all know it’s a good idea, so I’ve taken the hard work out of tracking them down!

I know many awesome people. Most of them are are super talented people. They are creatives, designers, curators and generally fabulous individuals. They make things for fun, and for the satisfaction of seeing joy when each gift is given away. The profit is but a bonus! Although many are trying to form a career from their art and this is a brave and commendable move!

I’ve compiled a list of them for you to trawl through as you consider Christmas presents this year.

Wouldn’t it be great if we gave locally made gifts this year? We could support these people and bring money back to our own economy rather than international, chain stores. How cool! And, of course, it doesn’t have to be just a Christmas thing! But we can start there.

Follow the links to connect with these folks, and please leave your own suggestions in the comments!

Sarah is a very special artist and close friend. She makes beautiful prints, clothes, other creations, and paper designs. Take a wee peek. She can also design websites and business cards!

Kylie makes these beautiful cushion covers (below) among other things through ‘Cush’ which will hit the online world soon. Kylie used to live with Sarah, something must be in the water at that flat. For more info or to order, email kylie [dot] tietjens [at] gmail [dot] com.

Kylie Tietjens, cushion covers, buy local gifts, Christian parenting

Kylie’s fabulous cushions

Elise makes adorable necklaces out of recycled leather that create mini bound books. I’ve just ordered one for a good friend in Perth. One of a kind! Too cute.

Toni makes cakes and cupcakes and I can vouch for their delish-ness and also for her willingness to create whatever you’d like. We had moustaches on our cupcakes! Check out her selection or ask for her to create something new!

Steph is a surface pattern designer from NZ based in Melbourne (cheating a bit with the ‘local’ idea but she’s an old family friend!) and she creates beautiful, geometric cushions, prints, canvases, cards and more! Check her shop on Society 6.

Maree runs Rose Tinted Illustration where she illustrates prints and designs artwork, but she also styles events! She is super creative and I can also recommend her services for a recent gig that featured lamps, old books, and suitcases. She also helped style my friends wedding, and I think she’s a genius.

Megan is a florist friend and her flowers are beautiful. She also has good looking friends model them for her. (I am one of those friends.) Maybe a Christmas bouquet from Bonita Flowers would be a treat for mum?

Dan runs ICU Design and ICU Clothing and also is part of this – not a gift idea but a genius/time saving idea! ICU Clothing has t shirts, hoodies, prints, dresses and more, for men and women. 

Hannah also makes just divine cushions but quite different to Kylie and Steph so there should be something for everyone. They are very pretty. She sells them regularly at the Howick Markets if you’re in the area.

Carmel is a nearly-friend, as she is the sister of a lovely friend of mine called Thalia (yes, this blog creator!). Carmel Wonder has designed hilarious prints for kids and adults alike, that can be ordered on t-shirts, bags, cushions (and more) or as framed art prints. Remember ‘M is for Moustache’ and ‘N is for Nerd’. Of course. Check out her page on Society 6 too!

Christmas gifts, bicycle pictures, buy local, Christian parenting

If you’re a board game lover (or know a family who is: get this over a DVD) then check out Seriously Board.

Orange Petite makes jewellery out of resin! I wouldn’t know where to start. So clever.

Enjoy, friends, and support local businesses!

This is Laura’s awesome list for Auckland-based folks (and nearby).

The comments are the place to build a list for where you are. Who do you know who is running a creative small business and would love some Christmas orders? All your links and personal recommendations are welcome in the comments below. 

If it’s YOU, then go ahead and drum up business! Leave a link and spiel and let people know where you are and what you believe in. 

Thanks, Laura, for the inspiration and resourcing!

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5 comments on “Give Local Gifts this Christmas [Guest]”

  1. Daina Reply

    Well of course it would be neglectful of me not to mention a certain online store that makes gorgeous handmade merino clothing for babies (including preemies), as well as older children and their parents. Lots of other goodies too, including amazing bibs designed especially for those of you suffering through a reflux or spilly baby. Blatant self-promotion finished.

  2. Jess Angove Reply

    Hi! Mama J’s makes beautiful baby items with a twist….a little rock n roll, not your usual baby blankets! There is a link to our felt store in the info….or you can see us in person at The Titirangi art and craft market….23/11/13, 32 Kaurilands rd, titirangi, from 9.30am (coffee, live music!) or Humbug cafe/deco to retro craft fair, Saturday 7th December, Rua Road, Glen Eden.

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