Re-reading Anne of Green Gables: Dust off your Copies!

I am loving re-reading LM Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables books right now, and keen to share the joy.

I’m working on a series of posts to accompany the experience of re-reading the books as an adult, so if you’re inspired, dust off your copies or find some in the library and join us! They have aged very well.

The lovely Anna Leese (one of New Zealand’s greatest sopranos) is doubling as Anne for the series images – how gorgeous is this?

Re-reading Anne of Green Gables as a adult | | Anna Leese by James Aitken photography

Let’s kick things off today with a general chat about Anne – did you read her as a child? Have you re-read the books since? Any favourites?

Update: The first ‘proper’ post is now up.

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The Anne image above is Anna Leese, photographed by James Aitken.

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6 comments on “Re-reading Anne of Green Gables: Dust off your Copies!”

  1. Daina Reply

    Adored the books as a youngster and would love to reread them all, just not sure how to find the time right now 🙁

    • not a wild hera Reply

      Fair enough, Daina! I do find they are a fast read, if that helps… And in nice clear chapters so you can satisfyingly read small snippets if that’s all the time you have.

      But I bet you can join in the conversation based on your childhood reading anyway 🙂

  2. Rochelle Reply

    Turns out that having children may have spoilt Anne for me. Oh my goodness she goes on! Anne, that is, not LMM. Maybe it’s just my 5 year old ringing in my ears.

    • not a wild hera Reply


      I always used to skip or skim the scenery descriptions but found them more interesting this time round.

      How far through are you on the latest re-read?

      • Rochelle Gribble Reply

        I used to love the long prose. Now it makes my ears hurt. Seriously!

        Just started yesterday. 40% through, according to Kindle. Of course I have all the books, but they were in with sleeping child at the opportune moment so I added it on Kindle. Thinking I might have to watch the TV series again 😉

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