Best-ever Allergy-friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies

Delicious, easy, fast, frugal, healthyish, and friendly to your special-diet friends: these may be the only chocolate-chip cookies you ever need to make!

This really, truly isn’t a recipe blog, and I have no special expertise, but I got so excited about these biscuits I had to write about it somewhere.

Frank posted this recipe on Facebook a few days ago and, ahem, our household pretty much ate them instead of dinner. Or for dinner. We had some carrot sticks too, if that makes it sound better…

Did I mention they are DELICIOUS?

Recipe! Best-ever allergy-friendly chocolate chip cookies. Dairy free, egg free, wheat free, gluten free (contain oats) nut free (and more) And DELICIOUS! |



Food allergies continue to be on the rise, with more than one in ten infants in New Zealand suffering from them. It is such an act of kindness and hospitality to provide food for people with allergies that they can safely and confidently eat. And if it’s something that everyone else loves too, then everyone’s a winner.

The eight major food allergens are peanuts, tree nuts, fish, seafood, wheat, soy, dairy and eggs. These biscuits contain none of those things.

They’re based on oats, which means that people who are severely intolerant to gluten (different from an allergy, but still a big deal for sufferers) might not eat them, but many gluten-free people can tolerate oats, so would also be fine with these.

If you have friends who are gluten-free, just ask them if they eat oats. Cross-contamination is usually the reason some people don’t (oats and wheat are routinely planted near each other), and it is possible in most centres to source guaranteed uncontaminated oats, so that may also be an option.

So delicious! And safe for most of your food-allergy friends. |

This seems to be a pretty forgiving recipe in terms of substituting other ingredients. Frank and I have both freely messed with it with good results.

You can use any milk you like (or probably any liquid): dairy, soy, oat, almond, rice, coconut (mm, coconut would be delicious!) to accommodate whoever’s going to eat this batch.

They’re called chocolate-chip biscuits/cookies, but you could put any little treat in them. For the severely dairy-allergic member of our family I have made them with chopped dates or apricots instead of chocolate, as it’s very hard to find uncontaminated chocolate. He pronounces them delicious, too.

I’ve made them once with a combo of brown and white sugar as per the original recipe, and once just with muscovado – unrefined cane sugar (from Trade Aid). I think any sweetener you usually bake with would be just fine – and I’d love to hear your variations, especially sugar-free ones.

They’re also low-fat and relatively low-sugar (for biscuits!). If people more expert than me can provide sugar substitute options, I think they could be sugar-free/fructose-free too (depending, of course, on what kind of chocolate or other treat you incorporate.)

Dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies: DELICIOUS! |

Recipe: Allergy-friendly chocolate chip cookies

The original recipe, from the clever Chocolate Covered Katie was for a tiny batch of about 10 cookies. I couldn’t see the point in that! So I quadrupled the recipe the first time, and then doubled it again the second time, and played around with the ingredients a little bit.

Here’s what