Peter Gray’s 6 Conditions for Self-Directed Learning: Education and Schooling #15

What do kids need to thrive and learn all they need for adult life? Let’s ask Peter Gray!

In this two-minute animated summary of a lecture on the value of play, educational researcher Peter Gray gives six fundamentals for self-directed learning.

He’s a Research Professor of Psychology at Boston College, specialising in evolutionary perspectives on psychology. He has done a lot of work on the importance of play in the development of children, and it’s fascinating.

Here are his six conditions¬†that optimise children’s ability to educate themselves:

  1. Education is the child’s responsibility
  2. Unlimited opportunity to play
  3. Opportunity to play with the tools of the culture (he makes a great point about kids and computers)
  4. Access to a variety of caring adults that are helpers not judges
  5. Free mixing among children of different ages
  6. Immersion in a stable, moral, democratic, community



If you liked this summary, taken from an event in Chicago, you can watch Peter Gray’s¬†full seventeen-minute talk, too, called¬†‘Mother Nature‚Äôs Pedagogy: Insights from Evolutionary Psychology’:



You might also be interested in Peter Gray’s TED Talk on how children are able to play¬†less and less these days. He maps a possible connection with increasing rates of mental health troubles in children and young people:


See more from Peter Gray on his website, and you might also like to check out his book, Free to Learn.

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