‘I’m going to stop you there’ and 15 more conversational comebacks to protect your pregnant soul

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to start writing for The Spinoff Parents, a thoughtful, inclusive, non-click-baity conversation chaired by the marvellous Emily Writes.

A few months ago I wrote these two pieces:

Think Big for Kids: 5 ideas to protect kids and support families

There’s a God in our Christmas: One mother on the role of religion in her family’s festive celebrations

My latest piece there started as a draft for Sacraparental before flying away, so I thought I’d let you know you can find it over yonder.

Here’s the start:

It starts early.

You’ve seen two lines on a pregnancy test. Your body is GROWING A PERSON! What an exciting time of life!

That must mean you are now craving unsolicited advice from strangers!

Surely you can’t wait to hear about a cousin’s neighbour’s postie’s very difficult birth?

As a pregnant person, you must certainly want people to rain on your parade, as often as possible, with predictions of how things will only get worse from here, yes?


One of the hardest things about being pregnant, for some of us, is coping with a new kind of social awkwardness. People say all kinds of nonsense to pregnant people. Mostly they are well-meaning people, our friends and family, who are excited about the baby. Sometimes they’re strangers in shops. Whoever they are, they can unintentionally ruin your day, and their words can sometimes haunt you for months.

But don’t worry! Here are some pregnant person Jedi defence tricks you can use to deflect unwanted advice, politely stop intrusive questions and protect your heart from sad stories you don’t need to hear right now.

[Read more at The Spinoff.]

In this article I’ve got 16 handy phrases for pregnant folks to employ anytime someone says something inappropriate. They’re arranged under four headings:

Do check it out and pass it on to your pregnant friends!

And here’s a companion piece of sorts:

8 essential tips to support your pregnant partner

How can you best support a pregnant friend or partner? 8 excellent tips here! | Sacraparental.com

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