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I Love My Job

The disclaimers and hedges can wait. I just feel like saying how much I like my job as SBJ’s mama. Here are six things I love about my job. 1. He loves me It’s really nice to work for someone who likes having you around. There’s nothing quite like hearing a heartfelt ‘Mama!’ from another […]

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Sacraparental Top Ten (per cent)

I haven’t received a telegram, so I can only conclude that the Queen thinks it’s easier to live to 100 years old than to publish 100 blog posts. I won’t hold it against her, I’m too busy celebrating! Thank you, dear conversation partners! Sacraparental is one of my favourite things, thanks to you. I love […]

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Two Minutes

Ok, this is a-mazing. These days she works at a fancy business school as a social scientist, but Amy Cuddy knows what it’s like to feel incompetent, to feel like an imposter. Watch this TED talk for her science and her story. This video has everything: it leads you through exciting, easy-to-understand science; you can […]

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