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Possession #5: Glass Walls

Michael Pollan advocates abattoirs with glass walls: Sometimes I think that all it would take to clarify our feelings about eating meat, and in the process begin to redeem animal agriculture, would be to simply pass a law requiring all the sheet-metal walls of all the CAFOs, and even the concrete walls of slaughterhouses, to […]

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Possession #3: Loosing the Sentimental Chains

Some of us just don’t get around to clearing out our junk. But most hoarders are shackled to mountains of stuff because of one of two sentences. #1 ‘But it’s bound to come in handy one day!’ #2 ‘But it has a lot of sentimental value…’ If you’ve got the headspace and storage space, I […]

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Possession #2

To remind you, this is the pin that redeems my Pinterest obsession with home organisation. I may have been a bit hard on good old Pinterest the other week. It’s simple and clever and handy for keeping track of things efficiently and prettily. And I use it plenty, so need to watch my kettle-black-calling! When […]

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Pinterest Possession

I’m pretty torn about my obsession with Pinterest. The virtual scrapboard for online images – initially aimed at collating images, so most used for fashion, photography, design, etc – has expanded to a visual diary for everything you love online but can’t keep in your brain. You can follow any interest (tech, tattoos, tagines), as […]

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Kind, Wise, Brave & Joyful: How we created our family list of core values for our family

How do you¬†want your kids to turn out? I mean, to the extent that anything we do has or should have influence, what do you really care about? What do you really hope will stay with them? What if you could know that, say, three¬†things you teach your kids will actually stick in their lives? […]

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Women Hold Up Half the Sky: Opening Our Eyes to Women in the Bible [Guest]

A very warm welcome to Lindy Jacomb who is introducing us to her social media project to open our eyes to the many women in the Bible. Whether or not you’re a fan of the Bible, I think you’ll find this worth a read. Huldah. Salome. Junia. Our eyes slip past their names without registering […]

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