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Toys for Future Engineers #1: Roominate

I attribute my brilliant and amazing parallel parking skills to all the Lego I played with as a kid. I’m good at reading maps, too. Here’s a step up, though, if you want to encourage not just spatial development, but the kinds of skills in technology and design that lay the groundwork for an engineering […]

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Toys for Future Engineers #2: GoldieBlox

In a pleasingly familiar story, Debbie Sterling, a Stanford engineer, wants to introduce girls to the world of engineering. She’s created GoldieBlox, a set of adventure books, where the reader helps Goldie solve problems using mechanical tools that come with the books. Debbie funded GoldieBlox through Kickstarter, reaching her goal in five days. Yay, Debbie! […]

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Is This Toy For Girls or Boys?

Thanks to A Mighty Girl’s Facebook feed for this contribution to the saga of retailers insisting on labelling toys for girls or for boys:   Update I’ve since spotted this prettier version from Kristen Myers, and done one of my own, since the above one (the earliest I’ve located) is now offline entirely.   And […]

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Architect Barbie

In New Zealand, 82 per cent of architects are men. Over 50 per cent of architecture graduates are women these days, but they don’t continue in the profession at the rate of their male colleagues. The story is the same in the United States, Britain and Australia, it seems. One solution, a little like the […]

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