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Green Cleaning Recipes, Including Home-made Dishwasher Powder (Yay Me!)

My green cleaning journey so far Me and my husband: It worked! I made dishwashing powder! Cool. No – I need a high five for this. I’m AMAZING! Yeah, well done. I’m not getting enough enthusiasm here. I think it’s amazing that you make dinner. Food that we can put in our mouths.┬áThat’s amazing. This […]

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The Sacrament of Housework #5: My 6 Best Housekeeping Tips (and lots more of yours, please)

This is part of an occasional series mining the mundane to find the sacred. For a list of the posts in the series, head here. If I never had to do housework again, that really would be fine by me. But I like our dishes and clothes to be clean; a tidy house is restful […]

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Bon Voyage: 7 Secrets to Happy Flying with Babies and Toddlers

If you’re planning to fly with littlies soon, let me be the first to say ‘Bon voyage!’ You’re in for a treat. For one thing, you get to visit friends and family (or fabulous wonders) in far-flung places, so that’s awesome. For another, you are doing it without being stuck below-decks for three months on […]

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New Year’s Guide to Modern Cloth Nappies

You can tell by the volatile weather, road closures and slow news days that it’s the middle of the summer holidays (in the Southern Hemisphere, obviously). When I was a kid, we spent every summer at a campground or two somewhere around the country, in our trusty Camp-O-Matic. And every summer, we would visit a […]

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Imperfect is the New Perfect #2: Born Perfect?

One of the perils of parenthood is believing we’re in charge. I’m talking about how we can overestimate the influence we have on our kids. They look like blank slates when they come out, right? Gunky, wrinkly blank slates. Ready for us to clean up and write the story of their lives on. But of […]

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