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Single #2: 9 Ways to Cherish your Single Friends

Almost all of us will spend some of our adult lives single, but when we do we’ll be in a sometimes uncomfortable minority. There are some brilliant things about the single life and some challenges we need to help each other in to build deep and strong community for all of us. Following on from this […]

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How It Is #5: A Stranger In My Head

This is the fifth post in a series reflecting on my experience of postnatal depression. Feel free to head also to How It Is #1, How It Is #2, How It Is #3: What to Say and How It Is #4: On A Bad Day, and feel free to pass any of them around, if they’re helpful, using the share […]

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Possession #2

To remind you, this is the pin that redeems my Pinterest obsession with home organisation. I may have been a bit hard on good old Pinterest the other week. It’s simple and clever and handy for keeping track of things efficiently and prettily. And I use it plenty, so need to watch my kettle-black-calling! When […]

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How It Is #1: My Story of Postnatal Depression

The clicks surprised me. On my first real post here, I mentioned postnatal depression (PND), and linked the term to a useful Kiwi resource website on PND, Mothers Matter. That link is still the most clicked on this blog, so I’ve decided to write a bit more about my experience of PND, in case it’s […]

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