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Advent in Art with He Qi: Nativity

A warm welcome to this year’s Advent in Art series, where we join thousands of others in contemplating artistic works while we wait, wait, wait for Christmas. For an introduction to this series, and He Qi, the artist featured in 2014, please see the first post, on the Annunciation. Week 3: Nativity Jesus is born […]

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Free, Full Lives for Children

The last fortnight has been a mix of hope and horror as I’ve been learning more about the work of the friends we’re visiting in Thailand. They are part of Partners Relief & Development, a small international charity that does strategic work in health, education, poverty uplift and human rights advocacy for the (very many) […]

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Welcome to Sacraparental

Blogging as hospitality Sacraparental is my lounge, on a night when we’ve all changed out of our work clothes, people’s kids are in bed and we have something delicious on the coffee table. You are invited to drop in, drop onto a sofa, and talk together about important and nourishing things. Silliness and chocolate and […]

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