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I don’t want to say our Pancake Party wasn’t the best time in town, but it can hardly be compared to the scale and splendour on offer at Carnival, Karneval and Mardi Gras celebrations around the world. One of my favourite blogs is The Big Picture, a collection of news photography from around the world, […]

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How It Is #7: The Fog Is Lifting

  For the first time in 16 months, the fog is lifting. I am feeling ‘normal’ over half the time now, and it feels amazing. Most of the time, now, I can cope with the unexpected, I can make decisions, I can bounce back from disappointments. I am regaining creativity in a few directions. I’m […]

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Sacraparental Lent, Coming Soon

My Greek teacher, one of the loveliest men alive, reports seeing hot cross buns and Easter eggs on sale in an Auckland supermarket on 4 January this year. So presumably Easter’s not far away! Before Easter, for much of the world, comes Lent, one of my favourite parts of the church year. This year Lent’s […]

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