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New Year’s Guide to Supporting New Dads [Guest]

For today’s post I have a special guest writing team with some profound things to say. Jon and Jannine are old friends of mine and the parents of Caitlin (3) and Isobella (11 months) – aren’t these girls delightful? Jannine and Jon have been married for 14 years, and are currently the pastoral care directors […]

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New Year’s Guide to Gorgeous New Grains

toast Weetbix spaghetti biscuits sandwiches muffins pizza couscous pancakes scones fritters cake crackers noodles pita pockets crumpets Are any of these on your regular playlist? (And am I making you hungry?) It seems like quite a variety of starches for your diet, but look again: every single one is (usually) made out of wheat. People […]

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Making Parenting Easier #6: Jenny’s Brilliant and Amazing Six-Week Menu [Guest]

Don’t you find it annoying when you’re watching one of those beautifully filmed, artistically arranged cooking shows on the telly and the really, really ridiculously good-looking presenter offers to whip up something for dinner in less than 20 minutes out of a few staple ingredients from the pantry? Actually, I wouldn’t find that annoying, I […]

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Education and Schooling #5: On the Weekend [Guest]

Without wanting to profile y’all, there is an extraordinarily high chance that you are a fabulous parent. I have this cocky certainty because you read parenting websites. You’re interested. You realise being a parent is something we do, as well as who we are. I know endless folk who get their advice from, evidenced […]

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Pinterest Possession

I’m pretty torn about my obsession with Pinterest. The virtual scrapboard for online images – initially aimed at collating images, so most used for fashion, photography, design, etc – has expanded to a visual diary for everything you love online but can’t keep in your brain. You can follow any interest (tech, tattoos, tagines), as […]

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