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Toy Guns and Carefully Shaped Pieces of Seaweed

Like many of you, I feel almost unresolvably torn when it comes to little kids and games of murder. Raising SBJ to be a kind, non-violent man is a high priority for us, so what do we do about games of cops and robbers or pirates? My besties Nicholas, Richard and I played ‘Luke and […]

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Sacraparental Top Ten (per cent)

I haven’t received a telegram, so I can only conclude that the Queen thinks it’s easier to live to 100 years old than to publish 100 blog posts. I won’t hold it against her, I’m too busy celebrating! Thank you, dear conversation partners! Sacraparental is one of my favourite things, thanks to you. I love […]

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Are Photo Albums a Fantasy?

No philosophy or cultural critique today, just cold, hard practicalities. What on earth am I going to do with our thousands of photos of SBJ? Taking and working with photos of our baby is basically my favourite hobby these days  We have a standard digital camera and I don’t do anything fancy with it, just take […]

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Anticipating the Anticipating: Getting Ready for Advent

Christmas carols start wafting through shops earlier and earlier each year, but this year one thing about Christmas is later than usual. The church season of Advent runs for four or so weeks before Christmas, helping us to imagine life before Jesus, and anticipate the celebrations of his birth. This year it begins on Sunday […]

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How It Is #5: A Stranger In My Head

This is the fifth post in a series reflecting on my experience of postnatal depression. Feel free to head also to How It Is #1, How It Is #2, How It Is #3: What to Say and How It Is #4: On A Bad Day, and feel free to pass any of them around, if they’re helpful, using the share […]

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Wanted: Rainbow Baby

Just like reading the comments section of any Guardian opinion piece, shopping for baby clothes makes me world-weary. Every time. In every single shop I’ve entered, a good 90 per cent of baby clothes come only in blue, pink, beige or white. The remaining 10 per cent in the boys’ section comprises camouflage and trucks. […]

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