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December Babies (SBJ, Jesus and Me)

This time a year ago I was celebrating my birthday by cuddling my baby – with my arms instead of my uterus – having just met him on the outside for the first time. SBJ was born thirty-four years-minus-four-hours after me, and conveniently arrived at 11.10pm, just squeaking in to get his own birthday. Not […]

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Anticipating the Anticipating: Getting Ready for Advent

Christmas carols start wafting through shops earlier and earlier each year, but this year one thing about Christmas is later than usual. The church season of Advent runs for four or so weeks before Christmas, helping us to imagine life before Jesus, and anticipate the celebrations of his birth. This year it begins on Sunday […]

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I Am Brilliant and Amazing

Somewhere on ye internets, a few years ago, I read a great post, by, you know, someone. You’ll be astonished to hear I couldn’t track it down, even with such detailed information. Anyway, it basically said too many people spend too much time running themselves down or refusing to realise how awesome they are. What […]

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Did you Hear the One about the Fabulous Mother-in-Law?

It’s hard to be a lawyer or used-car dealer, but harder to be a mother-in-law. All three are reviled in pop culture, but at least the first two choose their roles and get paid for them. There are endless shelves of books on parenting and marriage, but precious few on how to build a good […]

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