The Best is Now: Nine Months

SBJ is nine months old. It’s the best age!


The first thing he does when he wakes up in bed with us is smile at us. Then start climbing the headboard to try and reach the forbidden wall sockets. Then properly open his eyes.

When we say ‘Come into the bathroom!’ he’s so excited about crawling that he zooms in, even though if he thought about it, he’d realise it’s probably nappy-change time, also known as the most hated part of the day.

People sitting near us in restaurants offer to hold him while we eat.

His favourite place is on his father’s shoulders.

He’s delighted with steps.

He plays proto-hide-and-go-seek with Daddy (who ducks around a corner, or hides under the covers and waits to be found).

When he’s asleep, the sight of his eyelashes resting on his cheeks makes me melt.

When he’s awake, he’s great company.

He can bang things together, but can’t quite clap.

He eats olives, lemons, sundried tomatoes, raspberries (straight off the bush in Grandma and Grandpa’s garden, preferably), gooseberries and hummus. And some other more normal stuff.


He says ‘Mum!’ most often when distressed.

Music cheers him up and gets him to sleep.

He’s got just enough hair to go fuzzy after he’s been in bed.

He has an extensive longlist of ways to get down steps or off furniture, most of which will surely not make the final cut.

He is comfortable hanging out with all the close-extended family.

We’re trying to teach him that only his parents can be taken for granted as climbing frames. His baby cousin and Grandma’s dogs are not good candidates.

Every time we wash his face after meals he treats it as a treacherous surprise, even though it’s been happening a few times a day for months, now.

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  1. Angela Reply

    My Mum very sweetly says that whatever age we are currently at has always been her favourite stage. I hope she still thinks it even now! And I hope you feel this way too! But yes, this is classic baby phase at the moment isn’t it? I love it too. I regularly tell Esther that face and hand cleaning is to be expected at least 3x a day but she doesn’t seem to be taking it on board.

  2. Kat Reply

    so cute! 9 months was when Joanna figured out how to play a kazoo.. I would fully recommend try it, its hilarious. Get a plastic one, not a metal one.

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