I Am Brilliant and Amazing

Somewhere on ye internets, a few years ago, I read a great post, by, you know, someone. You’ll be astonished to hear I couldn’t track it down, even with such detailed information.

Anyway, it basically said too many people spend too much time running themselves down or refusing to realise how awesome they are.

What this blogger suggested (if you find her, let me know!) was that we should all write down a list of why we’re awesome and share it. We need the practice!

I linked to it on Facebook and started the ball rolling by saying how amazing I was. I invited people to add to the post with their own list of why they were awesome.

Unfortunately (well, it was fabulous, actually) lots of people got the wrong end of the stick and told me how great I was. Shucks, guys!

So, let me be clear. This is what I want you to do.

  1. Read my list of how brilliant and amazing I am.
  2. Write your own list of how brilliant and amazing YOU ARE. Five items, minimum, all beginning with the words ‘I am brilliant and amazing.’
  3. No item is allowed to be self-deprecating or a back-handed put-down. Genuine self-compliments are what we’re after.
  4. Write your list below, in a comment, or elsewhere, and link to it in a comment.
  5. Feel free to add to anyone else’s, and be as affirming and encouraging as you like. But ONLY IF you’ve shared your own list first.
  6. Tell your friends about this. You could share this post (there are some handy buttons below), or start the ball rolling on your own Facebook page or do it in your book group or whatever.


I am brilliant and amazing (and so are you)I am brilliant and amazing (and so are you)

I have a wonderful friend – one of the people I admire most in the world – whom I’ve been practising this with. She is a treasure, but she’s not in the habit of remembering that. Every time she tries to deflect a compliment I fine her five bucks. Virtual cash so far, as I’d be putting her family on the street otherwise. If other friends would sign up to this scheme, I could make my first million by Christmas.

We need this, friends! We need to stop apologising for not having houses that look like Pinterest. We need to be proud of the hard work we put into making this world better, one nappy or spreadsheet or essay or bridge or painting or website or friend or cup of tea or child at a time.

Life is hard, for most of us. Good, but hard. We need to be kinder to ourselves. Start now.

  1. I am brilliant and amazing. I’m writing a blog that quite a few people like to read, and I post most days.
  2. I am brilliant and amazing. I have changed my diet fairly radically to give my baby a good start given family medical history.
  3. I am brilliant and amazing. I just started playing the piano again after twenty years and today I did my first 45-second performance to my Mum.
  4. I am brilliant and amazing. I make a really delicious tagine.
  5. I am brilliant and amazing. I work hard to be kind to people, and succeed most of the time.
  6. I am brilliant and amazing. I have a great marriage because I (and we, of course) work hard at it.

I tell you, I’m everywhere these days. Follow me on Facebook for daily links, resources and Sacraparentalish tidbits, on Pinterest for link-plantations (especially this Be Kind To Yourself one) and on Twitter for ranting.

I am brilliant and amazing (and so are you)I am brilliant and amazing (and so are you)

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46 comments on “I Am Brilliant and Amazing”

  1. Jenny Bucksmith Reply

    Totally brilliant and amazing!!! I was thinking about you and your piano yesterday. I had no idea it has been 20 years since you played – that means I have never heard you play, which would also explain why I was having a hard time picturing you playing the piano at KBC! Lol. Anyway, I was thinking that your piano will hopefully be a wonderful outlet when you are having a bad day. You can play and sing and hopefully find peace and clarity for your jumbled mind.
    Oh, and I would like to try the tagine some day. Please.

  2. Alex Reply

    You certainly are brilliant and amazing, Thalia, for all those and many many other reasons.
    Here’s my list, just so you don’t feel so lonely. It is haaaard to write this stuff down, though:
    1. I am brilliant and amazing. I try to support my friends and family to succeed in their endeavours. (Like replying on this blog ;-)!)
    2. I am b. and a. I make good cakes and I enjoy sharing them.
    3. I am b. and a. I try to feed my family well and healthily.
    4. I am b. and a. I am thoughtful and try to remember things like birthdays and anniversaries.
    5. I am b. and a. I have two delightful and charming children who didn’t get that way by accident. I can’t take full credit – a lot of people have been involved as well as me – but I think it means I’m doing a pretty good job.
    6. I am b. and a. I made time for completing a part time course and passed with flying colours.

    …and I’m not going to tell you how much editing went on there to not make them all food-related and then to take out all “but”s and “mostly”s and “could do better”s in order to compy with your rules!

    • not a wild hera Reply

      Well done, Alex! Yes, you are indeed brilliant and amazing!

      Not least for writing the list. I must say my words-per-minute went right down when I was writing mine. Very difficult to avoid all the hedging around and excusing, isn’t it. What a strange culture we’ve grown up in.

  3. Gracie Reply

    Your blog reminded me of a quote I am using as my personal goal this year … I’ve kind of lost sight of it, so two months to go in the year means it’s time to refocus.

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

    It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?

    Actually, who are you not to be?

    You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

    We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

    It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

    As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

    ~ Marianne Williamson

    So my list:-
    1. I am brilliant and amazing. We have a beautiful, loving, kind, caring daughter who is growing into an amazing young woman (she’s a tween now) who did not get that way by chance.
    2. I am B. and A. Even though we have had a really rough year I have not given up, but am getting stronger each day.
    3. I am B. and A. In the last two years I have taken up piano lessons and am working on increasing my skills.
    4. I am B. and A. I am doing great work at my job, and adding value to my workplace.
    5. I am B. and A. I am a good cook and am willing to try amazing and new dishes.

    • not a wild hera Reply

      Yay, Gracie! Well done!

      Do you know, I was thinking of the Marianne Williamson quote this morning in bed, and thinking of posting it myself – thanks heaps for putting it up!

      I like how you and Alex both recognise that your lovely children reflect some of your hard work. Difficult children certainly don’t always reflect bad parenting, but I think the other way round does work, doesn’t it. If you have a delightful child, she’s been able to grow up that way because of her environment and it takes a HUGE amount of work to feed, clothe, love and teach a child. So very well done on your daughter.

  4. Pip Reply

    What time’s lunch time?!

    I am brilliant and amazing when I remember to look after myself, when I do that I can and do give more to my friends and family.

    I am brilliant and amazing because I choose to do a job that keeps challenging me to see past people’s actions, looking for reasons why and trying to work out how to help people make changes for themselves.

    I am brilliant and amazing because I am looking forward to life changing when our little one is born.

    I am brilliant and amazing because I still get angry at injustice and poor decision’s made by our leaders and I carry on trying to be politically engaged, even when I feel powerless.

    I am brilliant and amazing because I can make great shortbread.

    – blimey it is hard to not put lots of “try” and “when” isn’t it? Those caveats just sneak in there…

    • Alex Reply

      Great list, Pip! And yes, you are totally brilliant and amazing. And why have I never tasted this shortbread?!

      • not a wild hera Reply

        This arrived at lunchtime in Aotearoa, so well done, you! The rest of the family can aim for local time.

        I’d like to add (though I don’t know you myself) that you are clearly brilliant and amazing if there’s a little one on the way, because you are sharing your whole body with someone else, and that’s flippin hard work. You are BRILLIANT and AMAZING!

  5. Jody Reply

    I am brilliant and amazing because over 18 weeks of a traumatic pregnancy and five weeks hospital follow up I heaped love on both my boys.

    Times five. Because it was so brilliant and amazing 🙂

    • not a wild hera Reply

      Can’t argue with that. Except to say I’m waiting for four more things when you next have computer-typing time (about another five weeks, probably) 🙂

      Your boys are VERY LUCKY to have you, o Brilliant and Amazing Jody!

  6. Anna S Reply

    Kinda hard to follow Jody, who is indeed Brilliant and Amazing! Also, I totally agree with Alex about items not related to food. Here goes …

    I am brilliant and amazing. I am an introvert 🙂 I listen more than I talk.

    I am brilliant and amazing. To my existing skill of catering for large groups of teenage boys, I’ve recently added the ability to make dainty hand-made morsels of baking deliciousness, for high teas and other fancy events.

    I am brilliant and amazing. I am working at improving my photography, and this year I’ve been getting heaps better at pointing my camera at people.

    I am brilliant and amazing. I am generous with my time and resources.

    I am brilliant and amazing. My colleagues appreciate my specialist knowledge of software systems at work, and my approachability when they need to ask obscure questions about said software.

    • not a wild hera Reply

      Anna, that’s a Brilliant and Amazing list! I really like the detail, the forthrightness, the lack of hedging.

      All true, all fair, and I love the introvert one!

      You are BRILLIANT and AMAZING!

  7. Yvonne McGillan Reply

    I am brilliant and amazing. I have a wonderful blog that highlights all the great things my students are doing!
    I am brilliant and amazing. I am a great communicator, I think it is a trait from my dear Aunty Peg. I love keeping in contact with people and sharing good news!
    I am brilliant and amazing. I love working with my students and coming up with inspiring and innovative ways to make their learning a joy!
    I am brilliant and amazing. I am having great joy using my computer knowledge to enhance my students experiences. I love sharing my ideas and learning with others.
    I am brilliant and amazing. I am a good friend, loyal, loving, supportive, fun.
    I am brilliant and amazing. I love my family and friends and work hard to do my part with relationships.

    • not a wild hera Reply

      Lovely, Yvonne! No hedging, no hesitating, brilliant!

      Grandma certainly was an amazing correspondent. Gosh, I wish we’d kept every weekly letter to compile the town social history!

  8. Anna G Reply

    1. I am brilliant and amazing. I make fantastic chocolate brownie.
    2. I am brilliant and amazing. I spent 7 years teaching teenagers about cooking and nutrition (and some other stuff).
    3. I am brilliant and amazing. I completed the Rotorua marathon.
    4. I am brilliant and amazing. A loyal and caring wife, mum, daughter, sister, auntie and friend.
    5. I am brilliant and amazing. I have been to the gym over 100 times in 12 months, love Les Mills Hamilton Kids Club, it’s free!
    6. I am brilliant and amazing. My 10 month old baby is delightful and charming through good nutrition, lots of cuddles, playing, excursions, shelter, comfy places to sleep, books, close to extended family and lots of friends who spoil her.

    This list is in no particular order and is written to show support and encouragement for Thalia’s thoughtful, thought provoking, entertaining, insightful blog posts. I always look forward to what you and your followers have to say.

    • not a wild hera Reply

      Lovely words, Anna, about yourself and about us. Thank you for both!

      And well done on all the hard work and thoughtfulness that goes into your Brilliance and Amazingness.

  9. Daina Reply

    1. I am brilliant & amazing because I am generous. I love to give just to make someone else happy, without wanting anything back in return.
    2. I am brilliant & amazing because I come up with impromptu crazy songs for my kids, everything from washing faces to how special they are.
    3. I am brilliant & amazing because I am a fantastic cook, my family get healthy home-cooked meals every day. I even make my own butter!
    4. I am brilliant & amazing because I give people the benefit of the doubt and look for the best in them.
    5. I am brilliant & amazing because I give real scientific answers to Mr 4’s constant refrain of “why”.

  10. Rebekah Noakes Reply

    I am brilliant and amazing because I’m learning to love, even when it hurts, even when its costly. Love never fails. Love is gift and a choice.

    I am brilliant and amazing because I do a job that involves caring for people- the lovely and the unlovely, the beautiful and the ugly, the kind and the nasty, the grateful and the ungrateful. I use my mouth and my hands for caring words and actions for all these people.

    I am brilliant and amazing because I make beautiful things that people like to receive. It is very blessed to give.

    I am brilliant and amazing because I have faith in a brilliant and amazing God. My ‘strengths test’ lists faith at the top and I’m excited at the thought that it might well be true. By faith things that seem impossible start to become possible. Faith is also a gift and a choice.

    As I get older I get more glimpses of the glory of God in myself. It is there to be sure, just as he said it would be, thought it is reflected glory, like the sun in a mirror. I shine, thought I am not the source, I am not the one that is buring white-hot with love and power, sustaining everything. But I am the one that is [sometimes] angled in just the right direction to catch those rays and shine just a bit like He does. And it is really quite something.

    Thank you for making me think about these thigns Thalia. I agree with 1) about your blog. I really love it!

  11. Miriam J Reply

    I read this this morning before I went to work, and I must say, it was raining on my face when I thought about how brilliant and amazing you all are.

    I am brilliant and amazing. I left behind my friends and family and followed God’s call into the unknown on the other side of the world, ALL BY MYSELF (which, even though it’s a great job that I love, still has its lonely and difficult days)

    I am brilliant and amazing. I teach the Old Testament in a way that makes my students think and engage and ask great questions and even look forward to coming to class.

    I am brilliant and amazing. I built a bed and drawers and a table with my own two hands (and an electric screwdriver).

    I am brilliant and amazing. I can drive (seriously, this is one of the major achievements of my life – something I never thought I’d master).

    I am brilliant and amazing. I pour love into other people’s little ones.

    • not a wild hera Reply

      London-and-environ friends, this is all true, and you should have Miriam around for a pint! She is BRILLIANT and AMAZING and we miss her on this side of the world.

      Thanks for your excellent list, M!

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  14. Rachael W Reply

    Ok, so now enough people have done this that I don’t feel like a complete dork filling it out. {I don’t think anyone who has filled this out is a dork, but the way- but just needed a bit more company before I was brave enough to follow suit!}.

    I am brilliant and amazing because I bike to work, every day; rain, hail or shine. I love getting exercise as part of my day {and it would never happen at all if I made it optional depending on the weather!}.

    I am brilliant and amazing because I’m going to the effort of planting a vege garden, even though I’m leaving the country for 4 months while it will probably be at its best. I’m trying to enjoy it for how fun it is to work in it, rather than for the results. The journey, not the destination {and we have friends housesitting who like gardening and will look after it brilliantly, and enjoy the proceeds!}.

    I am brilliant and amazing because since being married 18 months ago, I have embarked on the process of learning to be present and not run away and hide from arguments. Definitely not there yet, but much better than initially. It’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but totally worth it! {My very patient husband is pretty brilliant and amazing, too :-)}
    (ps. is that hedging?)

    I am brilliant and amazing because I have studied for a really long time to get to be where I am now, and have hopefully my last exams EVER in 2 weeks. Yay! Don’t think I would have embarked on it if I’d actually known how long it would take, but hey, ignorance is bliss!

    I am brilliant and amazing because I love reading vast hordes of information and then relaying the interesting bits to whoever happens to be nearby- usually my {again: patient} husband who is also brilliant and amazing because he pretty much always manages to sound interested too!

    There we go :-). That was hard! I had to sneak a couple of compliments in there, but is that ok since I did answer the questions as well? Thalia you are definitely brilliant and amazing- I think Delia said it best one time {I can’t actually find where, so I’ve possibly got everyone/thing involved completely muddled} when she said you’re her facebook ray of eternal sunshine. I think that’s still true, even though you’ve been going through incredibly tough stuff. You are also the source of at least half, if not 90% of every interesting thing I read {see b&a point 5} on facebook. Love it!

    • not a wild hera Reply

      Oh, very well done, Rachael! You are BRILLIANT and AMAZING. I’m very impressed with how firmly you stated your brilliance. Compliments are ok as long as most of them go to YOU 🙂

      I am so impressed with 1 and 3, in particular. Well done, you.

      And thank you for that beautiful comment from ?Delia, which I don’t remember hearing before. That’s lovely. I love being a resourcer too, like you.

      Oh, and I met Simon Moetara last week at the School of Preaching reference group – what a lovely man! By the end of the day we’d figured out where we recognised each other from, and he mentioned learning ‘propinquity’ from your reading 🙂

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  22. Stacey Reply

    I am brilliant and amazing. I have noticed how bad my seasonal depression was getting and have implemented some definite strategies for it – including buying a CBT workbook and actually starting to work through it.
    I am brilliant and amazing. I prepare food (or cause food to be prepared) for my family’s nourishment and enjoyment nearly every evening.
    I am brilliant and amazing. We are moving house in 2 weeks and I have written lists of things that need to be done, packed half the house, and arranged things like trailers, babysitting for the day etc.
    I am brilliant and amazing. When someone offers to take the kids for a while so I can lie down, I do actually lie down.
    I am brilliant and amazing. I manage all of the above, plus laundry and vacuuming, while pregnant and homeschooling 3 other children.

  23. Stef Reply

    1. I am brilliant and amazing- I have not given up on my slow-coming thesis
    2. I am brilliant and amazing- my kids turned out well and since I was a formative influence…well you know
    3. I am brilliant and amazing- I have battled long and hard to overcome depression and deep self-hate and here I am saying I am brilliant and amazing. That in itself is noteworthy
    4. I am brilliant and amazing the children at work follow me around demanding stories because I read with expression or make up stories with creativity and there is always humour involved
    5. I am brilliant and amazing -I have kept some friends for DECADES

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  25. Rebekah Reply

    I am brilliant and amazing – I have faith in God for my life
    I am brilliant and amazing – I still love spending time with my children even though I see them all day, every day
    I am brilliant and amazing – those forementioned children are fun to be with, and i’m taking some credit for that
    I am brilliant and amazing – I’ve found something i love and am good at in my adulthood (horses) and therefore am doing things regularly that scare me
    I am brilliant and amazing – I am managing to keep on a pretty even keel despite the ongoing earthquake complications in our families’ life

  26. Joanna Reply

    I am Brilliant and Amazing. I work hard three days a week to improve other peoples mental health and then come home to shower love on my brilliant and amazing (and sometimes challenging) family.

    2. I am Brilliant and Amazing. I feel I am in the best shape of my entire life. I love exercising and
    treating my body well. I also love wine.

    3. I am Brilliant and Amazing. I make time to pursue my love of reading and have followed through with my New Years resolution to do more of this.

    4. I am Brilliant and Amazing. I am working hard to keep my family involved in the life of the church and to teach my children about Christianity and to express to them my love of tradition in religion.

    5. I am Brilliant and Amazing. I have a natural ability to look on the bright side, turn frustration into laughter.

  27. Jo Kuta Reply

    1. I am brilliant and amazing. I studied hard for a year so I could get a job that allowed me to keep my kids close.
    2. I am brilliant and amazing. I bought a dolls house for my boy’s two year birthday because I recognised his interest in dolls houses and that’s all that counts.
    3. I am brilliant and amazing. I can play four instruments, juggle with fire, stand on my head and I can do Thai massage and capoeira and karate. But not all at the same time!
    4. I am brilliant and amazing. I haven’t slept for five years but I still get out that door every day.
    5. I am brilliant and amazing. I feed, nurture, love and care for two small and two big people, including myself, every day. I am getting better at including myself.

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