Jesus Was a Palestinian Refugee

three people by the wall near the Qalandiya Ch...

Three people by the wall near the Qalandiya Checkpoint (Photo credit: Bright Tal (Political))

St Paul’s Church in Auckland is famous for the impossibly cuuuuute nativity videos they produce each year, starring their kids.

This year they have also released this compelling short film for adults, reminding us that Jesus was a Palestinian.

There are several parts where my eyes widened. Watch for the shepherd (who has an accounting degree) talking about why Mary wouldn’t have been happy to be pregnant.

In these last days of Advent, this is a stilling reminder of the peace-bringer we are anticipating, and our responsibility to bring and make peace.

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2 comments on “Jesus Was a Palestinian Refugee”

  1. Spaghetti Reply

    Saw this clip at the christmas eve service I went to – the current (ongoing) conflict does give a more real view of how it was when Jesus was born. The clip also makes you realise how brave and faithful Joseph was to go ahead with marrying an unmarried pregnant girl. God present, in actual real life.

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