A Christmas Sermon. From an Atheist. In Parliament.

This was one of the big surprises of the Christmas season last year. Co-Leader of the Green Party, Russel Norman, outlines the good news of Jesus Christ – with well-developed incarnation theology and everything.

In a speech in Parliament. Prefaced by his identification as an atheist. It’s extraordinary.

Here’s an extract (but you really must watch the video – it’s seeing and hearing Parliament in action that makes it so striking):

The story of the incarnation of God in a baby born in a stable is remarkable even to me, an atheist, because it is a story about the distant God of heavens coming down to live amongst us on earth. It is a story about that God decreeing that tyranny on earth and utopia in the afterlife is not acceptable, and that freedom and equality must characterise life here on earth as well as the afterlife in heaven. It is the story about the birth of new hope.

NZ Green Party co-leaders, Metiria Turei and R...

NZ Green Party co-leaders, Metiria Turei and Russel Norman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Andy Reply

    downside is that he probably sees it as historically truthful as greek mythology, and not demanding he examine his life in light of the call of the gospel.

    We don’t elect these people to be our theologians, but hopefully that they might enact laws in line with the bible (first use of the law as the lutherans put it) to restrict evil. Given the general moral direction of the country (and the percentage who attend an evangelical church on a given sunday) it is amazing the law remained roughly judeo-christian for so long.

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