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I came across two good news stories today, and I thought I would share them, to balance out all the bad news that slurries around. Here are two people to be inspired by.

I read today about Mighty Girl Tiana, who saved the lives of three babies in a house-fire last night:

A 12-year-old bundled newborn twins and another baby through thick black smoke to safety after a pot sterilising bottles sparked a fire in an upper-storey flat in South Auckland early yesterday.

Schoolgirl Tiana Levi is being hailed a hero after making a lifesaving dash down a blackened stairwell in the middle of the night clutching 13-week-old twins Sunnie and Harmony and 1-year-old Keita.

[Read the whole article at the New Zealand Herald.]

And then, seeing that Frank had liked a Facebook page called Natural Mum on the Cheap, I of course had a look around the page and saw, among lots of other great things, this story, I think told by a friend of the page admin, about an experience in the Lyall Bay (Wellington) Warehouse. Apparently the lovely man was tracked down and interviewed on a radio show a few days later.

This is posted by permission on behalf of a friend who had a crappy day.

Such an amazing experience at The Warehouse today…

It’s not been a great weekend for us and it was bad timing that we had to buy shoes today (my son lost one yesterday so was shoeless in a cold and damp Wellington) when he’s been approaching dizzy new heights in the two year old teething tantrum stakes!

As we approached the shoe aisle, he had the mother of all tantrums. Determined to reassure him and ride it through, I sat on the floor with him. After 10 minutes of him screaming at maximum volume while attempting to hit, kick and bite me I began to cry too. Not my greatest moment but I was exhausted and overwhelmed by this point.

Over came the Warehouse man to ask if we were OK. He offered to give me a break for 5 and take my son to look at the toy section. I thanked him but refused as I wasn’t comfortable with J heading off with a stranger. He then somehow managed to engage my son and get him to try on shoes till he found the perfect fit. I thanked him profusely for his kindness and headed to the checkout.

Then Jacob lost it again and an older couple in the queue began to laugh and mock me and my parenting. I dumped the shoes and took off out of the store.

Once we’d watched enough planes taking off to calm ourselves, we headed back to get the shoes. As we searched for another pair, we were found by the same store guy, brandishing the shoes I’d dumped and a bag of chocolates with a paid receipt stapled to them. For me. To cheer me up. Because, “all parents have shitty days and toddlers can be really hard work.”

Mr Warehouse man from Lyall Bay, I’m so sorry I never checked for your name. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and empathy. Thank you for understanding and thank you for caring. You made my day, Lyall Bay Warehouse.


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  1. SKATERAK Reply

    I gave up reading newspapers years ago (apart from a quick browse of headlines and magazine style articles) for so many reasons. These stories are amazing and a good reason to start a new blog for someone…

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