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We are a week away from relocating to Thailand for the foreseeable future. WOAH.

I have so many posts I want to write! Here are a few things that are on the boil right now. Someday when I’m not packing will end up here:

  • We held a dedication ceremony at home yesterday for our daughter. I’d like to tell you all about it, and her godparents.
  • If you have kids and are either a bit churchy or interested in exploring Christian Christmas stuff at home, I heartily recommend this Christmas @ Home resource. Full review coming, but seriously, just order a few copies right now for you and your friends.
  • Sometime I want to write about the four words we use in our family to sum up how we want to be – they’ve turned out to be part of daily conversation in really helpful ways.
  • I was recently interviewed for a Radio New Zealand feature on perinatal depression. If it turns out well I’ll give you the link! (More on my story here.)
  • I’ve been shampoo-free for six months now, which means there are hardly any commercial cleaning or cosmetic products in my life now. (I’ve been inspired by heaps of friends who have gone no-poo, including, of course, Lucy, who literally wrote the book on the subject.)
  • Yesterday we also held an early birthday party for our little guy since he’ll be in a new country on the real day. I stole ideas from all the parties I’ve been to recently and have some good ones to pass on. (There are also lots of ideas in the comments of this post.)
  • We’re, um, moving to another country. I imagine I’ll have a bit to say about that!
  • Perhaps including the enormous number of kids’ clothing items I’ve given away over the last few weeks and what that suggests about my (and maybe your) consumption of textiles. (Jess has written about this at Muka Kids, of course – do have a look, and follow her links.
  • A few people are considering or drafting guest blog posts, so hopefully one or two will come to fruition soon. If you’d like to write something for us (and are a regular reader here, rather than a PR person who just wants exposure…) I’d love to hear from you!


My little one! We celebrated her yesterday. More about that soon.

My little one! We celebrated her yesterday. More about that soon.


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Of course, it’s also a few weeks away from Advent, and I’ve been updating and revising several of my most useful Advent and Christmas posts. Here are some quick links if you want to catch up:

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I love that even when we shift countries and hemispheres, this bloggy community will remain constant!

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