Advent with Kids: Get Yourselves a Christmas@Home Family Activity Booklet

This is excellent, peeps!

The wise and hard-working women at New Zealand Baptist Children and Family Ministries have produced a fantastic Advent resource for families to use through December at home. It’s called Christmas @ Home and I warmly recommend it.


It isn’t a do-one-every-day kind of Advent journey. Rather, it’s a vibrant collection of ideas to pick from (heaps of great things to add to my Advent activity mega-list here!).

There’s a nice range of craft, science, service, games and other activities, each framed by a Bible story or text and a conversation starter to help you make the most of the time, as appropriate for your household.

Each activity is well thought out and well explained, and is designed for kids and adults to do together to enrich family time in the lead-up to Christmas. Lots of the family activity ideas would also transfer well to other times of the year.


Christmas@Home family resource booklet - heaps of brilliant ideas | Full review at

Also, they’re easy!

Simple craft and science ideas, family service activities, games with the props included in the booklet for you to cut out and assemble, and all in a sturdy, colourful booklet you can use for the next few years.

Seriously, order a bunch now and give one to all your friends. They’re just NZD$2.50 a pop.

Here are some of the family activities in the booklet (these are my groupings, just to give you an idea of the range):

Satisfying Christmas craft activities for older kids

  • The Jesus story ‘exploding circle book’, with shapes to cut out from the booklet
  • Edible nativity set (making a gingerbread stable etc)
  • Christmas Crackers
  • Felt tree decorations

Easy, low-prep activity ideas

  • Dress-up nativity
  • Advent paper chain (with 24 ideas and Bible references supplied)

Fun Christmas games for a crowd

  • The ‘left/right game’ with supplied funny version of the nativity story
  • Nativity ‘who am I?’ (a version of 20 Questions with a mystery name stuck on your forehead)

Kid-friendly service ideas – adaptable for any time of year

  • Food hamper donation activity
  • Visiting a rest home
  • Acts of service voucher making
  • Christmas-themed chocolate bar wrapping
  • Cookie-in-a-jar gift, with recipe included

Activities to get kids thinking

  • Super sand
  • Joy box
  • Colour fantastic (food colouring science demo)


Christmas@Home family resource booklet - heaps of brilliant ideas | Full review at

Traditions to begin

This is a great section!

What a good idea to inspire families to begin a new Advent or Christmas tradition they can come back to each year.

Thanks heaps, Karen and Marelize at BCFM, for all your work on this really excellent resource. I think this is a great collection that has something delightful to suit most families who want to spend December focusing on Jesus – even just a little bit!

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    i would like to get the booklet so wondering if anyone will be interested in it, o dont have 9 friends to give books to lol so looking for families to share a pack 🙂

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