How to explain the Trump victory to children: 19 things to say


  1. The Presidency is actually just a job. Unwise or unkind people have jobs and success everywhere. Success in life is not always related to how kind or wise a person is.
  2. People look up to the President more than they probably should. The President is just a person, and all peopleĀ are a mix of good and bad.
  3. Donald Trump is racist and sexist. It’s a shame that a racist and sexist person has been elected to the Presidency, but it’s not the first time it’s happened.
  4. Lots of people are feeling bad. We all need to be very kind to everyone we meet.
  5. Lots of people are feeling scared for themselves and their friends and families, especially if they are not white. We need to be prepared to look after each other, and especially if we are white, defend, protect and stand up for people who are scared, or who are being mistreated or insulted.
  6. I’m feeling bad today. What are some ways we can have a good day together?
  7. Different people voted for Trump for lots of different reasons. Try not to make assumptions about your friends.
  8. The scary or bad thingsĀ Trump said he would do may not happen. He changes his mind often, and now that he’s in office, he won’t actually be able to do many of the things he promised.
  9. Whenever Trump or anybody proposes a new law that is unwise or unkind, we need to speak up and do our bit to influence the country to make a good decision.
  10. Hillary Clinton was probably the most qualified, experienced candidate ever. The fact that she lost to someone who has never held office tells us that sexism is a powerful thing. What can we each do to make sure women and girls are treated equally in the future?
  11. Some people voted for Trump because they think the country is not as happy as it could be. Let’s all keep doing our best to make the world a better place for everyone.
  12. Some people voted for Trump because they think America is more important and special than other countries, and other people from other countries should be kept out. Actually, people all over the world are important and special.
  13. Some people voted for Trump because they really care about abortion. Here’s what I think about abortion and voting.
  14. Some people voted for Trump because they didn’t want a Democrat to choose any Supreme Court Justices. Shall we research different ways judges are appointed in different countries?
  15. It’s really important to vote. Lots of people didn’t. Why do you think they might not have?
  16. Lots of people wanted to vote but were prevented. How could we help those people next election?
  17. The American electoral system is not perfect and should probably be reformed. What changes do you think would be good?
  18. There are lots of ways ordinary people can make the world a better place. What are some things we can do this week?
  19. Very little is different. America (and the world) is not a more racist, sexist, homophobic place than it was yesterday or two years ago. Those things are just more obvious to some people now than they were. There is work to be done. What shall we do?


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