Do you know your refugee facts?

Do you know your refugee facts?

I’m guessing you’re online right now, so I suggest you have a wee surf for any answers you don’t know. Let me know if you get stuck with any of them!

1. Name ten people in the Bible who are refugees at some point. 

2. How many people are refugees outside their home country right now? 

Around a million
Around 10 million
Around 20 million
Around 60 million

3. Which of these hosts more than a million refugees?


4. Which of these Bible passages are relevant when we consider refugees?

Exodus 28:33-34
Leviticus 19
Ruth 1-4
Proverbs 26:11
Malachi 3:5
Mathew 25:26-36
James 2: 14-17

5. How many refugees does New Zealand welcome each year?

Around a hundred
Around a thousand
Around ten thousand
Around a million

6. Name three people you know personally who have been refugees at some point in their lives.


7. How long do most refugees stay in Māngere Resettlement Centre when they arrive, to learn about life in Aotearoa?

A week
Six weeks
Six months
A year

8. How many refugees end up officially resettled in another country?

About 1%
About 10%
About 50%
About 90%

9. Name three organisations you can donate to or volunteer with to help refugees.

10. What do these places have in common?

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand (Wellington)
Gleniti Baptist Church (Timaru)
South West Baptist Church (Christchurch)
Society of St Vincent de Paul (Nelson).

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4 comments on “Do you know your refugee facts?”

    • thaliakr Reply

      Hi Marie!

      The idea is for you to give it a go and do some research to find the answers online. I’ll put some answers up in a day or two.

  1. Truth_seeker Reply

    True. Always fascinates me when people in countries like the UK start talking about a refugee problem considering they only host a tiny tiny number of them! While millions literally live in countries like Lebanon and Turkey. Thanks a lot.

  2. Andrew Reply

    there is a limited and finite capacity of a nation to resettle and integrate migrants of whatever sort into its community. Especially if this is permanent resettlement rather than temporary asylum while their home country is unsafe to return to (for instance the return from the flight into Egypt on the death of herod). If a country decides that they will resettle “n” refugees per year, what do they do to the “n+1” person? Invariably some people will be turned away if nation state borders are to mean anything.

    All of which is a separate issue from the need to welcome and assist those who are newcomers in your country.

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