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Six reasons to go to SPACE

Comets, obviously. Wormholes, red dwarves, Saturn’s rings, the Oort Cloud. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I’ve resorted to a cheap trick to suck you in: this is another kind of SPACE. SPACE is a playgroup programme for first-time parents and their babies run nationwide by the Playcentre movement. Some of the team at the Specialist Maternal Mental […]

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Making Room #1

I’ve thought, written and preached a lot about hospitality over the past few years. But I’ve never accepted as much of it from other people as I have in the last ten months. Here is the first part of a set of reflections on just the overnight hospitality people have extended to me and my […]

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How It Is #3: What to Say to Someone with Postnatal Depression

  The numbers are clear.  If you know a few parents, you know someone who’s had postnatal depression, whether they blogged about it or not. In response to my posts about my experiences, here and here, I’ve discovered half a dozen of my friends have been through it recently, and another few a long time […]

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