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Other People’s Grandkids [Guest]

A warm welcome today to my good friend Rob Kilpatrick, who wrote this reflection on Facebook yesterday and let me filch it for the blog. You’ll be glad you read it.   I’m incredibly lucky to be granddad to 11 wonderful kids. I don’t deserve to be but there you have it, grace upon grace. I […]

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Sacraparental Top Ten (per cent)

I haven’t received a telegram, so I can only conclude that the Queen thinks it’s easier to live to 100 years old than to publish 100 blog posts. I won’t hold it against her, I’m too busy celebrating! Thank you, dear conversation partners! Sacraparental is one of my favourite things, thanks to you. I love […]

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Burma in Auckland [Guest]

A guest post by Sam Kilpatrick. My wife is awesome. Of course I have to say that because I’m married to her, and she is sitting across from me in the lounge! We’ve been talking about some of the ways in which I’ve made a difference in ministry or teaching or work and then it […]

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Welcome to Sacraparental

Blogging as hospitality Sacraparental is my lounge, on a night when we’ve all changed out of our work clothes, people’s kids are in bed and we have something delicious on the coffee table. You are invited to drop in, drop onto a sofa, and talk together about important and nourishing things. Silliness and chocolate and […]

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